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Game Fish, SouthFresh Complete Horse, Deer, and Livestock Feeds - Contact: Jimmy Hughes for the nearest dealer

Game Fish

An extruded feed designed with 35% protein for Bass, Bream, and Crappie. It contains several different sizes of kibbles, with different float characteristics, so you are able to feed your entire pond regardless of fish size or species.

SouthFresh Complete

An extruded feed that is designed to feed all horses, ponies, and mules regardless of age. For complete information, Contact: 334-289-8899 / 1-800-737-6845
Jimmy Hughes


An extruded feed designed to provide everything a deer needs to be healthy and grow. With special attention given to digestion. Contains 18% protein with all vitamins and minerals in the form of chelates.

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For Horse, Deer, and Game Fish
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